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Concerning visa requirements for South Korea

KosovoThanksYou team has independently verified, and received reports from Kosovo citizens in Europe, that Republic of South Korea requires visas for citizens of Republic of Kosovo. Contrary to reports in the Kosovar media, South Korea does not allow visa-free entry for citizens of Republic of Kosovo.

Embassies in Paris, Bern and Oslo have stated that Republic of Kosovo passport holders are required to have a visa prior to their departure for South Korea.

Republic of South Korea recognized Kosovo on March 28th 2008, and accepts the passport of Republic of Kosovo.

List of countries not requiring entry visa for South Korea, source Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Korea:

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Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia accept Kosovo passport

KosovoThanksYou team has received reports of Kosovar citizens visiting Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia using the passports of the Republic of Kosovo. In the recent months a number of Kosovo citizens have successfully applied and received tourist visas for Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia. The passports of Republic of Kosovo were accepted by the countries and stamps are provided further below as a reference.

We would like to thank our compatriots traveling the world for their support and help in collecting this valuable information.

Passport stamps: Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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UAE, Kuwait officially accept the Kosovo passports – other countries to follow

The foreign representations of United Arab Emirates and the State of Kuwait in Bern, Switzerland, have confirmed for KosovoThanksYou that they officially accept the Republic of Kosovo passports.

United Arab Emirates has recognized Kosovo on 14th of October 2008.

The KosovoThanksYou team is currently working to officially verify received reports on further recognitions of the passport of Republic of Kosovo from the following countries: the Bahamas, Ecuador, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Lithuania, Maldives, Morocco, Romania, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Sudan and Cyprus.

Please note that the verification process can take a substantial amount of time as foreign representations around the world get acquainted with the passports of the Republic of Kosovo.

We would like to thank Unite Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the rest for their continued support for Kosovo.

We would also like to thank Trim K. for his help as well as other contributors.

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Haiti recognizes passports of Republic of Kosovo

The Embassy of Republic of Haiti in Paris confirmed for KosovoThanksYou that the passports of Republic of Kosovo are accepted by Haiti. Also, the Embassy noted that no visa is required for the citizens of Republic of Kosovo when traveling to Haiti.

In addition, we have received  reports that Kosovar citizens were able to travel to Haiti [See Passport Stamp].

Haiti declared independence in 1804. It is situated in the Caribbean and is the first independent state in the Americas to break out of colonial rule and abolish slavery.

We would like to express our gratitude to Haiti for supporting our young Republic and our own liberation from colonialism.

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Malaysia recognizes the new Kosovar Passport

The government of Malaysia confirmed for the  Kosovo officials that Malaysia has officially recognized the new Kosovar passport. It is also announced that Visa can be issued for the related documents.

MIA source

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More countries recognize the new Kosovar Passport

Thanks to our contributors, Iraq,  Canada, and Bulgaria have also been added to the passport list as countries that accept the Kosovar Passport.

Full list of countries that accept the new Kosovo Passport

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Slovakia recognizes the Kosovo Passport

Slovakia has recognized the passport of Kosovo as it has been noted in the website of the Embassy of Slovakia in Belgrade.  Slovakia recognized the Kosovo passport for “humanitarian reasons” as Slovakian government officials claim, although it hasn’t recognized the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state yet.

Information about VISA issuance on Kosovo Passport [Embassy of Slovakia in Belgrade]

List of Countries that have recognized the Kosovo Passport

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Finland approved the Passport of Kosova

Finland has approved the Kosova ordinary and official diplomatic passports to travel to Finland announces the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland . Travelers are still required a visa to Finland and the Schengen area. Passports are also granted to other entry permits, such as residence permits.

List of Countries that have recognized the Passport of Kosova

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Norway recognizes the passport of Republic of Kosova

Norway today announced it will recognize the passports of Republic of Kosova. As of October 15 citizens of Kosova will be able to use their passports to travel to Norway.

Complete list of passport recognitions

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Benelux countries recognize the passport of the Republic of Kosova

Starting today, the Benelux countires (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) will recognize the Kosovo passports, announced yesterday the Belgium Embassy in Prishtina.

The Belgium Embassy in Prishtina will handle the Visa services for Belgium and Luxemburg whereas for Netherlands, Kosova citizens will need to travel to Skopje.

Source: New Kosova Report

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