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Bulgaria recognizes the passport of Republic of Kosovo

The Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Bern confirmed for KosovoThanksYou that Bulgaria recognizes the passport of Republic of Kosovo. Also, the embassy noted, citizens of Kosovo are required to have a viza in order to enter Bulgaria.

We also received reports that Kosovars were able to use their Passports in Bulgaria [See passport stamp]

We want to thank Bulgaria for the continued support and its role in stabilizing South East Europe. Travel of citizens of both Bulgaria and Kosovo to these countries is an important step for the economy and European integration of the Balkans.

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Important information about Flag and Coat of Arms of Republic of Kosovo

The KosovoThanksYou team with the help of the flag designer M. Ibrahimi has acquired the correct values for the colors of the Flag and Coat of Arms of Republic of Kosovo. This information is currently only available on the KosovoThanksYou.com site.

In the past few months there has been some confusion about the exact colors of the Kosovar flag. Confusion stems from conversion between CMYK and RGB color formats, which was not done properly.

The colors on the Government Website are in CMYK format that have been converted to RGB without corrections. This makes the Kosova outline look darker on the screen. The correct RGB version of the flag as well as the color values are listed below.

At this point, this specification remains the only Kosovo Flag color standard publicly available.

Flag of Kosovo with Corrected Colors
Flag of Kosovo with Corrected Colors

Republic of Kosovo flag color codes:

Background: R:24, G:56, B:132 (or #183884)
Kosova: R:219, G:187, B:91 (or #DBBB5B)
Stars: R: 255, G: 255, B: 255 (or #FFFFFF)

Download high resolution: FlagCoat of arms

Coat of Arms and Flag Download in:

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Panama recognizes Republic of Kosovo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo today confirmed that Panama has recognized the young Republic. The Foreign Minister of Panama, Samuel Lewis Navarro, today confired to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo that Panama has officially recognized Kosovo and that the Verbal Note communicating this will be handed over to the charge d’affairs of Republic of Kosovo in Washington, Avni Spahiu.

Panama becomes the 54th UN member state to recognize the Republic of Kosovo.

MFA of Panama Press Release

MFA of Kosovo Press Release

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