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5 senior Serb officials guilty of war crimes in Kosovo, 1 acquitted

The guilty verdict by the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at the trial of 5 out of 6 high ranking Serb government figures for the crimes they committed and organized during the Kosovo-Serbia war in 1999 brings some justice to the people of Kosovo. This decision, although welcomed, should be a reminder to the countries around the world that justice is still being demanded by the victims.

Additionally, the guilty verdict of a Former Serbian Prime Minster, top Generals and security decision makers, of the Serbian Republic should speak volumes about the legality of Kosovar independence. Kosovo had and continues to have not only the moral right, but the legal right to protect its people and its independence.

It is important not to forget that many Kosovars are still missing and are presumed dead. Many perpetrators of these crimes are still free and living in Serbia, and some are also active in political life and decision making.

As long as these questions remain unanswered, justice will only be half-done.

The guilty verdict is welcomed, but also serves as a reminder to the world that this is not the end of the story.

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Maldives recognizes Republic of Kosovo

The Republic of Maldives today officially recognized the Republic of Kosovo. The Foreign Ministry of Maldives has declared that the Island nation extends full diplomatic recognition to our young Republic.

Maldives becomes the 55 UN member state to recognize Kosovo.

We wholeheartedly thank Maldives for recognizing our nation.

Download the Official Letter sent to Kosovo MFA

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Happy Birthday to Republic of Kosovo – 1 year old

Dear citizens of Kosovo and of all the countries of the World,

Kosovo just turned 1 year old. It was on the 17th of February 2008 that our country declared its freedom and its desire to grow and stand on its feet.

Today we celebrate that day.

In 1 year, we have been recognized by 54 UN Member states, most of the EU and NATO. The year that is coming, will also be fruitful and prosperous. In the face of all challenges, our young nation has come out stronger and took its place in the world. The reality of Kosovo has been accepted by the World. Yet a lot remains to be done.

To mark this occassion, KosovoThanksYou has started a new Twitter feed and prepared a celebration video. View the Kosovo Flag Around the World project.

The KosovoThanksYou team will be covering the celebrations from Prishtina and will publish photos and videos as they become available.

We wish you all a Happy Independence Day!
The Team

Updated: 17 February 2008

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Maldives confirms intent to recognize the Republic of Kosovo

The Republic of Maldives Missions to the UN in New York and Geneva have confirmed for KosovoThanksYou that the island Republic intends to recognize Kosovo in the near future. In a separate statement made for the press, the Maldives Foreign Ministry also confirmed Maldives intention to recognize Kosovo and establish diplomatic relations.

The Maldives Missions to the UN in New York and Geneva stated that official recognition has not yet been offered to the Kosovo authorities. Due to the end of the business week, the Maldives missions could not confirm for KosovoThanksYou the timing of the recognition.

We want to thank Maldives for their support and look forward to our countries establishing diplomatic relations in the near future.

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