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OIC passes resolution on Kosovo

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on May 25th 2009 passed a resolution on Kosovo. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo this resolution welcomes the progress made during the first year of independence. The OIC resolution also welcomes the deployment of EULEX, reconfiguration of UNMIK and calls on the international community to continue supporting multilateral efforts in Kosovo. The resolution establishes regular updates to the OIC regarding progress of Kosovo, thus placing Kosovo high on the OIC agenda.

The adoption of this resolution marks a significant step for Kosovo.

Earlier this week the Serbian Foreign Ministry attempted to mark a diplomatic victory by claiming that the resolution has been sidetracked and rejected. A bigger question was brought up when the Serbian Foreign Ministry claimed to have influenced the content of the resolution by bringing forth changes that omitted any call for recognition of Kosovo by OIC member states. Although this claim is yet to be verified, diplomatic sources state that the OIC resolution never contained any call to OIC members to recognize Kosovo.

Recognition of states is not in the jurisdiction of the OIC and is entirely up to each member state of the OIC to recognize Kosovo on its own terms.

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Flying for Kosovo: James begins his journey today!

James Berisha, a Kosovar-American, originally from Brestovc, Kosovo is beginning his journey today on May 25, 2009 departing at 8:00 am El Paso time (16:00 CET) with his single engine plane starting from El Paso, Texas, USA to more than 30 countries in Central and South America to rally support for newly independent Kosovo.

KosovoThanksYou team enthusiastically supports James’ project and goal to raise awareness among Central and South America countries regarding the Kosovo recognition.

We wish James a safe journey and we encourage him to  fly as a free bird for the independence of Kosovo!

For more information visit Flying for Kosovo

See flying tour map

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Kingdom of Bahrain recognizes Republic of Kosovo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Bahrain today announced that it recognizes the Republic of Kosovo. Bahrain becomes the 60th UN Member state to recognize Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state.

We would like to thank HRH King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah, the royal family and the people of Bahrain for their much valued support and recognition.

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Update (2): Union of the Comoros recognizes Republic of Kosovo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo has confirmed that Union of Comoros has recognized Republic of Kosovo. In a verbal note sent on 14th of May 2009, the Foreign Minister of Union of Comoros, His Excellency Ahmed Ben Said Jaffar, declares that Comoros recognizes Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state and expresses intention for the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

We would like to thank all the people of Comoros for their support to our young state.

Union of the Comoros becomes the 59th UN member state to recognize Republic of Kosovo.

See verbal note

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IMF Offers Membership to Republic of Kosovo

After a favorable vote by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) members, Republic of Kosovo has been offered to become the 186th member of the IMF. At a session on May 5th 2009, the IMF members voted to approve membership of Republic of Kosovo to this important economic and financial institution.

The often cited role of IMF is to provide financial assistance to countries undergoing serious economic and financial difficulties but IMF is also highly important in surveillance of economic and financial data, offering policy advice and giving technical assistance. IMF is also active in development of standards and codes for best practices, research and statistics.

IMF is the first global economic and financial institution to accept Republic of Kosovo as a member. It is also a highly crucial one in time of difficult economic reforms when Kosovo needs support in form of expertise and funding.

IMF membership, together with future membership to the World Trade Organization, World Bank, and other important economic institutions, is an important step towards economic progress in Kosovo.

To accept membership, Republic of Kosovo must “formally accept, in accordance with its own laws, the IMF’s Articles of Agreement and all the terms and conditions prescribed in the Board of Governors’ resolution” states the IMF’s press release.

We would like to thank our friends around the world for their support in this very important step.

Source: IMF Press Release

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