Who Recognized Kosova/Kosovo? :) the Kosovar people thank you! (L)

About KosovoThanksYou

KosovoThanksYou is a voluntary project aimed at following up on international recognitions of Republic of Kosovo and thanking these countries in the name of the Republic. The project also aims at providing updated information on recognition of Kosovar passports and visa requirements.

KosovoThanksYou is not affiliated with the government of Republic of Kosovo.

Verifying recognitions

KosovoThanksYou is run by a team that is disbursed globally and covers all time zones. The team receives information through various channels such as diplomatic sources, volunteers, media, journalists, and automated web crawlers. The team verifies all reports of recognitions by contacting the Embassies, Consulates, Missions or Foreign Ministries.

The countries appearing on our thank you list and maps are separated in three groups:

  1. Countries that have formalized the recognition
  2. Countries that have started the recognition process
  3. Countries that have stated they will recognize Republic of Kosovo

The verification process is a mandatory step before placing a country in the formally recognized list. The verification process might take a substantial amount of time. KosovoThanksYou keeps the readers informed about these and other activities. For any question or comment, please contact us at kosovothanksyou@gmail.com.

Other Initiatives and Services

KosovoThanksYou offers updates via Twitter and email. A YouTube channel is also available:

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KosovoThanksYou was launched on Feburuary 10th 2008, with dedication to those that gave and lost their lives, loved ones, and those that are still missing…