Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you all a happy independence day. Today the Republic of Kosovo marks 16 years of statehood.

Though many challenges remain, Kosovo continues to build a modern European society, based on values we all share. Nurturing these values in this corner of Europe is crucial for our future as a continent and we are blessed to have allies and neighbors that aspire to these same values.

This year is special one because citizens of our young republic can finally travel visa-free around Europe, giving them a chance to grow, learn and push Kosovo forward.

While many great things are happening, we mustn’t forget that there are envious forces working day and night to undo progress our societies have made. From the faraway borderlands of this continent to the East, a stones-throw away from the Volga, right in the heart of South East Europe on the banks of the Danube, and brewing inside Europe itself, there are people whose hate is ready to destroy all we have built. We cannot allow them to succeed.

Happy Independence Day. Cherish it. Celebrate it.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to Republic of Kosovo! 13 years of statehood! We would also like to take this opportunity to wish our new government lots of success in making this tiny European state a better place for its children and its people.

Better days are ahead of us! 🇽🇰 ❤️

Happy Independence Day!

To all the peoples and countries of the world, thank you for extending your friendship and welcoming Kosovo in your midst. Wishing all Kosovars around the world a Happy Independence Day!

Happy 12th year of freedom and independence.

Happy Independence Day

Wishing all citizens of Kosovo a Happy Independence Day.

Our wish this independence day is that visa liberalization, almost a decade after independence, becomes reality.

We want to thank all the people, countries and nations that have recognized our tiny little country.

Tonga recognition confirmed – Verbal Note delivered

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo today declared that the verbal note confirming the recognition of Kosovo by the Kingdom of Tonga has arrived.

We want to wholeheartedlty thank the people of Tonga for their support and friendship.

This makes Tonga the 106th UN Member state to recognize Kosovo.

Happy 5th Independence Anniversary, the Successes and Failures

Five years ago on February 17th 2008, the hopes and dreams of Kosovar people were at their all time high. Five years ago Kosovars started hoping that one day their country will be an equal among nations.

On this important date it is important to celebrate the successes but not ignore the failures.

The successes have been many: the recognition by 98 UN Member states, among with other non-members; the membership to different organisations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; and the adherence to a European outlook.

The five years of independence have also brought stability and peace, and most importantly, a clear direction for the bruised Balkan nations, with different levels of success.

Five years is a long time in state building and development. Miracles can and have happened in five years. Examples are abundant around the world.

No amount of celebration and self-congratulation can void the fact that there have been failures.

And failures have been many: the standard of living in Kosovo has increased only slightly; unemployment is still among the highest in Europe; Kosovo is not present in any of the ISO standards; nationals of this small republic can travel to a handfull of countries without needing a visa; Kosovo is isolated from the rest of Europe in many ways; the development, foreign, security and other policies have been insufficient in delivering their goals; the political spectrum has not nurtured growth and development, instead, it has nurtured factions and infighting. The list is easy to add to. But it shall stop here.

Have a happy independence day, enjoy it and celebrate it. Let’s not forget the work that needs to be done to celebrate the 10th anniversary with more successes and fewer failures.