Sierra Leone Recognition (3)

After numerous communications with the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Sierra Leone, the Missions of Sierra Leone in London, New York and Brussels, an official at MOFA has responded to KosovaThanksYou inquiries by saying they are observing the issue and cannot disclose more information at this point. An official at MOFA was unable to confirm to us the reports in the media and has claimed there was no official communication with Kosovar media. To date, there has been no explanation by the local media about this issue.

Sierra Leone Recognition (2)

We have tried to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other diplomatic missions of Sierra Leone around the World, but due to the weekend, we were not able to confirm this news. We hope to confirm this by Monday. In the meantime we have noticed that RTK has removed the news from the website without any explanation.

100 days of Republic of Kosova

Today is 100 days since the Republic of Kosova was born. Although at times the climate was rough, until now it has been smooth sailing. The newborn state of Europe which has to date been recognized by 41 countries, is acquiring international support and has faced difficulties only to overcome them.

These 100 days have proven the pessimists wrong. Some claimed our independence to be a precedent, yet this has failed to materialize. Others predicted the failure of law and order and rule of chaos. Again, this too has been far from the reality on the ground.

For a country that is 100 days old, with a people that have gone through a lot, but who show such enthusiasm for change, progress and future, we can say confidently that Republic of Kosova is on the right track.

Problems exist. The state is being built bit by bit. It is a hard and daunting task. But in the face of this all, we can be sure that the next 100 days will only bring improvements.

Regarding Malaysia Recognition of Kosova (2)

Due to a misunderstanding that apparently occurred between the Liaison Office of Malaysia in Prishtina and the Malaysian Government, the Liaison Office communicated by mistake that Kuala Lumpur has recognized Kosova. This happened on 20th of February 2008 during the meeting between the Cabinet of the President of Republic of Kosova and the Malaysian Liaison Office.

As it turns out, Malaysia has not yet formally recognized the independence of Republic of Kosova. Malaysia has welcomed Kosovar independence.

Explanation by Republic of Kosova Presidency regarding Malaysian recognition (in Albanian)