Who Recognized Kosova/Kosovo? :) the Kosovar people thank you! (L)

Indonesia open towards recognition of Kosovo

During a speech made to the London School of Economics on the 31st of March 2009, the President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, gave positive signs that Indonesia might recognize Kosovo if it becomes clear that Kosovo is a special case. The president also noted that the independence of Kosovo is part of the nation building process resulting from the collapse of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a process that has not yet concluded.

President Yudhoyono said that Indonesia considers two important points in this situation, the sovereignty of countries under international law, and the will of the people of Kosovo to be independent.

President Yudhoyono stated that “for now it is quite possible for Indonesia to accept the independent status of Kosovo after we examine carefully that there is a different situation in Myanmar”, adding that, “after the process of Balkanization you have the independent state of Kosovo.”

The President of Indonesia also added that “we are still following the situation in Kosovo and it is quite possible that some day Indonesia recognizes the independence of Kosovo.”


  1. na,ks,pr Said,

    April 2, 2009 @ 21:03

    Your article has grammar issues. It’s ambiguous. You can’t let this article like this around.

  2. Qamil, London UK Said,

    April 2, 2009 @ 21:32

    It’s a shame that kosovo is not recognised from muslim countries like Egypt or Arabi Saudia.Egypt is ruled for centuries from albanians under the turkish otoman empires.The last was king Faruk, which made egypt un modern statte.Shame on you Egypt. But we have to understand, is the corruption of the president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak which is not recognisin Kosovo and not egyptian people.

  3. KosovoThanksYou Said,

    April 2, 2009 @ 22:05

    Thank you for noting that. The quotes we extracted from the video had certain grammatical issues because it was a Q&A session and President Yudhoyono rephrased his answers a few times. We corrected these in interest of clarity. Thank you.

  4. mz Said,

    April 3, 2009 @ 02:59

    You forgot to thank me for the information I provided this website by mail about Indonesia… Next time, I will not contribute!!!!

  5. KosovoThanksYou Said,

    April 3, 2009 @ 12:41

    To: mz
    Thank you for the information. We have received many many emails regarding this recent event. All of them (including yours) were referring to Kosova Media. We were already aware of this event, but at the same time we are very conservative about the source of information. Unfortunately all Kosova media were biased on this issue, by stating that “Indonesia is ready to recognize” or “Indonesia to recognize soon”, which is not what the
    president of Indonesia said as you can see from our original article as we carefully analyzed the President’s speech.

    Just to let you know that we are a group of volunteers and we are doing this for Kosova. Contributing is absolutely voluntarily.

  6. ervis Said,

    April 3, 2009 @ 13:57

    presim nje njohje te shpejt nga ky vend dhe i pershendes te gjitha shtetet qe kane njohur pavaresine e kosoves deri tani

  7. Arben, Ferizaj, Kosovo Said,

    April 3, 2009 @ 14:24

    na,ks,pr Said,Wrote: Your article has grammar issues. It’s ambiguous. You can’t let this article like this around.

    Pardon me, but you should check your spelling mistakes before you make comments like that (no hard feelings). I am referring to …let this article like this around. See my point?

    What ‘Kosovothanksyou’ team is doing is something we all should appreciate, and I don’t know if you ever took notes in Q&A sessions, but they tend to be twisted and bent. So, a little bit of flexibility please, or if you think you can do a better job, bring it on.

  8. Rudi Guraziu, London Said,

    April 8, 2009 @ 18:31

    I am unsure as to whether the first and the last comments (1&7) are appropriate? They give an impression of this site becoming just another chatty forum where people could unleash their emotions!!!


  9. Non-aligned, Germany, Duisburg Said,

    April 23, 2009 @ 18:07

    This is absolutely silly, what this Indonesian president says. If there was the process of nation building in Yug., you would have to consider Sandzak and Serb Republic becoming independent as well. Whole Bosnia and H. would become split up into the three Yug. groups living in the state. And Croatia would have to define herself as a smaller state, because she actually includes Bosnian, Serb and Slovene territory. But in the time of Yug. borders have been newly defined and so its a bigger state now. So either there should be nation states, which the racists would profit from or we accept that there were 6 Yug. republics now being independent and Kosovo and Vojvodina were just autonomous provinces of Serbia , I’d prefer the last case or better: a new Yugoslavia, ziveo Tito!

  10. Nik Said,

    April 25, 2009 @ 03:21

    I think if Serb Republic became independent, people would confuse it with Serbia. So I think a better solution would be to split Serbia and name it Serbia 1 and then name independent Sandzak as Serbia 1.1. and name Serb Republic as Serbia 1.2. Or better yet, combine them into something with a totally different name. Just a suggestion.

    Anyways, Kosovo is a tiny country where we hope to live together in peace, since Serbia failed and continues to fail in portraying an image of a tolerant state. And it will continue to fail, because if it does not it stops being Serbia, that is it stops being able to dominate non-serbs. Also, since Serbia is in fact a nation-state, an independent multicultural Kosovo is a more appealing package and the only alternative. Same goes for Bosnia as a solution, but unfortunately just like everywhere else where there is more Serbian influence, hope for tolerance and prosperity is low.

    I support the Kosovo team for the voluntary work. You guys are great! I check your site all the time mainly to see who else recognized. Great web-site! Great work! Don’t stop doing what you are doing.

  11. Ian, Wales, UK Said,

    April 29, 2009 @ 13:20

    I think what Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia was saying is that as Kosovo becomes more and more established in the International Community, Indonesia would have to eventually accept reality and would have to come to terms and thus recognise Kosovo. But don’t get your hope up because Indonesia won’t recognise for for a few years yet at the earliest. Indonesia has it’s own separatist problems.

  12. Sujan, Bangladesh, Atlanta, USA Said,

    May 22, 2009 @ 23:44

    This is reality, it happend……….
    Thanks Kosova people….

  13. brandon alan scofield Said,

    May 4, 2010 @ 11:45

    i am from indonesia , indonesia will recognize kosova independedent , BUT NOT by current president , president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is hesitated figures …

    in 2014 we will have new presidents , I believe the new president of 2014 would recognize kosova ..

    thank you

    knight of intelligence

  14. Zulfiqar Alif, Magelang, Indonesia Said,

    May 12, 2013 @ 13:59

    i hope my country will recognize kosovo soon 🙂

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