Update (1): Union of the Comoros recognize Kosovo

Update: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo has received a verbal note from the government of the Union of the Comoros in which the Foreign Minister of Comoros, Mr. Ahmed Ben Said Jaffar, offers his support and congratulations to Kosovo on its independence and wishes prosperity and stronger ties between the two states. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo is in process of confirming whether this verbal note also states intent of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, and thus recognition.

The leader of the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), Behgjet Pacolli said that the Union of the Comoros has recognized the independence of Kosovo. According to Mr. Pacolli, this decision will be formalized in due time with the Government of Republic of Kosovo. The exact date of the formal decision is not yet known.

The KosovoThanksYou team has contacted the Permanent Mission of the Union of the Comoros to the United Nations in New York, but was not able get confirmation of this news as the ambassador was on duty travel. KosovoThanksYou team is currently working on confirming this recognition with relevant authorities in the Comoros. We expect to attain confirmation early next week.

Relevant Reports: MFA of Kosovo, Gazeta Express