UN Secretary-General Report

We are glad that on the latest report of the Secretary-General on the UNMIK (March 28, 2008), the map of Kosova has been updated. For the first time the label “Province of Kosovo” has been updated to just “Kosovo”, as well as the Kosova border with Serbia has been more emphasized. We are aware that all the borders are not labeled as international, but it is still a sign that UN is accepting a new reality.
Map Comparison

Famous people express their thoughts on Kosova’s Independence

(April Fools day, don’t take it seriously)

Einstein: “Precedent? That is relative when it comes to Kosova”

Sir Isaac Newton: “A second apple fell on my head when I heard about Kosova. It makes perfect sense now”

Archimedes: “I was running and yelling Eureka. Then I saw someone already thought of it, independence was the only way”

Amelia Earhart: “Happy to know that Kosova can fly alone”

Confucius: “a happy people, leads to a happy state”

Leonardo Da Vinci: “oh look, they cracked the code”

Copernicus: “…maybe I was wrong. It is not the Sun”

Benjamin Franklin: “Euros? I just wish they used the Benjamins (dollars), that would be cool”

Mendeleev: “I always knew there is a place for the KS element in my table”

Marie Curie: “I wish I could give Kosova the gift of Kosovanium”

Steve Jobs: “I present to you, a state, a democracy, and European: iKosova”

Bill Gates: “I might have been wrong about how much RAM people will need in the future, but I always said, Kosova will be a-okey. I hear they have some excellent .NET programmers”

Sergei Brin to Larry Page (Google guys): “Why isn’t Google Maps updated already?”

Linus Torvalds: “Kosova will be an _open_ society, and one that uses open source and Linux. I hear they have some _excellent_ programmers

Pink Floyd: “Wish we were there”

Darth Vader: “it is no precedent, the situation in Kosova is completely different from that of rebel planets”

Yoda: “Thaçi, the Force is strong with that one. Great things I see for Kosova. Bright is the future of the republic. Kosova, may the Force be with you”

Nicola Tesla: “I am drooling when I think of all the electricity that will be produced by this small country ”

Steven Spielberg: “I can see a movie coming…”

Martin Scorsese: “I can see a movie coming…”

Quentin Tarantino: “…I need the soundtrack before the movie. But yes, I can see a movie coming…”

Enjoy April Fools day…we are.
Best wishes from Kosova and beyond…

Map Updated/List update

Updated the colors of the regions (mostly islands) that belong to the previously colored countries. (Most of them may not be seen due to the map size)

  • UK: Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, UK Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands, South Georgia
  • US: Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
  • France: French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Kerguelen Islands, Mayotte
  • Netherlands: Netherlands Antilles
  • Portugal: Azores

Also, due to some technical issues, Today (March 28, 2008) some countries/territories appeared/disappeared unexpectedly.

About Taiwan

We have received many many e-mails from both Taiwan and China about the recognition of Kosova, and its position on this. We value all youre-mails. Please understand that this website is created to thank all the countries that are recognizing Kosovo as an Independent State. We are not in a position to take a side about the Taiwan issue especially at this critical time. We have decided to list only countries that are members of United Nations. Thank you for your understanding!

Agenda for February 17th, 2008

  • 10:00 Prime Ministers leads off from Government to Parliament- hands over the request for extraordinary Parliament Session
  • 11:00 Prime Minister makes public the request for extraordinary session of the Parliament
  • 12:00 Assembly Presidency Meeting
  • 13:30 Meeting of the Parliamentary Groups
  • 15:00 Plenary Session of Kosova Assembly
  • 18:00 Statement by three leaders at Hotel Grand MEDIA CENTER
  • 18:30 Hoist of Independence Obelisk in front of the Youth Palace in Prishtina
  • 19:00 Kosova Philharmonic Concert Hall 1 October
  • 20:00 Concert in Prishtina Square
  • 22:50 President and Prime Minister address the masses
  • 23:00 Fireworks displayed at four different parts of Prishtina

(Disclaimer: This is not an official agenda. This information is not affiliated with any Governmental Institution)