Our position on confirmation of recognitions

Dear friends and supporters,

We have recently received a number of emails informing us that Burundi has recognized Kosovo. We want to assure you we are aware of the recent events and do our best to be on top of what is happening.

We want to use these recent recognitions as an opportunity to highlight the lack of coordination and communication between Kosovo institutions.

We are in no way undermining or belittling the work of anyone involved in securing these recognitions, including the Deputy Prime Minister Behgjet Pacolli.

We greatly appreciate the work being done in this regard.

But, clear weaknesses remain. Recognitions are being communicated in an uncoordinated and untimely manner. They are announced in an unstructured way and sometimes without clarity.

We are taking this opportunity to request that the Kosovar institutions get serious about working on this together. This means coordinating the announcements, but also giving credit where credit is due. Confirming recognitions with one month delay, having countries missing from the official list, removing countries without giving proper reasons, are not signs of seriously run institutions.

We request that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs take a structured and coordinated approach to announcing recognitions.

  • Clearly indicating whether a country has recognized or has only shown support, and avoiding the use of confusing titles in media releases
  • Assigning a “recognition spokesperson” that would be the official voice for announcing the recognitions
  • Giving credit to the people and institutions involved in securing the recognitions
  • Being transparent when mistakes happen, they happen and it is human for them to happen. No big deal.
  • Clarifying the position on certain “unclear” recognitions
  • When a press release is issued, the MFA web site needs to be updated properly (the last recognition is still missing in the MFA list)

It is easy to do if there is will to do so.

We want to reassure everyone that the team running this web site belongs to no political structure, party or affiliation. The team sympathises with no such entities. We are a completely apolitical group of people that are doing this for the good of the State. Our position is completely neutral in that regard.

All we are asking is that the work be done properly and in a coordinated manner. The people and citizens of Kosovo deserve this, we hope that the Kosovar institutions can deliver this minimum.